Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Important Terms and Conditions of Accommodation

Refund Policy

Bookings made via the Docklands Private Collection website are not confirmed until a deposit of one night’s accommodation has been made and confirmed in writing. This deposit is fully refundable if cancellation is made more than 72 hours prior to the arrival date. Extenuating circumstances can be advised in writing.


Our staff member will personally show you to your apartment, the car park and all the other facilities in relation to your stay. They will also provide keys, security access swipes and other relevant information to gain access to the building and its facilities. Please note that a replacement fee of $200 per set of lost/misplaced keys and security swipes and $100 for garage remote will apply if not returned to your mailbox or other arrangement to return keys.


Please ensure that your apartment is left in a clean state. Check out time is strictly 10am unless other arrangements are made with our office. Your keys should be left in your apartment, taken back to our office or put into the mailbox of the same number as the apartment you were staying in. Our check-in person will confirm the arrangement for you.


Day & night security operates inside all buildings with regular patrols both day & night together with security cameras in various locations. If you are disturbed by unacceptable noise or other behaviour, please contact us immediately on 9642 4220.

Car Park

Each apartment has one designated carpark which you will be shown. You must only park in that delegated carparking space. Visitors of guests are not permitted to park inside the towers. The car park is patrolled at regular intervals, day & night. If you find an unauthorised vehicle in your carpark, please report it to us.

Waste Disposal

Domestic garbage being disposed of during your stay can be deposited in the rubbish/refuse chute located on your fl oor. Our check-in staff member will show you where this is. Please leave bottles and other glass in the apartment for pick up by our staff and do not leave rubbish of any type lying in the chute rooms or common areas.


In line with Body Corporate regulations, footwear must be worn at all times in lifts & other common areas other than the pool area. Adequate clothing should be worn over swimsuits when moving to & from the pool area and be worn in common areas (including the lifts) at all times.


Noise from music, conversation, door closing or any other source within the building or on balconies must be kept to a reasonable level and must not disturb other Guests or Residents.

We operate a strict ‘Zero Tolerance’ and ‘No Party’ policies. Please be aware that any infringement of these rules may result in your being evicted from the property without re-imbursement of monies paid and/or additional charges being made.


Smoking is prohibited in all our apartments & common areas including the pool area, gymnasium & lifts. Should you wish to smoke, please smoke on the balcony of your apartment using the ashtray at all times.

Swimming Pool and Spa / Gymnasium

Please observe instruction notices in the pool area and gymnasium. Hours of use are strictly 6.00am to 11.00 pm. Alcohol, glass, food, smoking, pets, loud noise or hazardous activity are strictly prohibited within the pool or spa/gym areas. Please take your rubbish with you. Only registered Guests are permitted to enter the gymnasium area under any circumstance.

Pool users are required to dry themselves off before leaving the pool area. All users of the recreational facilities do so at their own risk.


Please return keys to your Mailbox before departing or call 9642 4220


Pets are not permitted within your apartment or in common areas.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol Consumption is prohibited in common areas.


Falling objects can cause injury or death. Under no circumstances is anything to be thrown from includes cigarette butts & ash. Clothing & towels are not to be hung or left on balconies

Apartment Servicing / Cleaning

Our apartments are serviced weekly for stays of more than 7 nights. The days and times in which the apartments are serviced will vary from week to week. Each apartment is equipped with a dishwasher, washing machine & dryer for your convenience.

Reporting Infringements and Damage

Any infringements of these rules or any accidents should be reported as soon as possible to us on 9642 4220. Any damage to common property should also be reported. The cost of all repairs and/or loss from our apartments and/or common areas will be charged to the registered Guest even in the event of the offending party being a visitor of the registered guest.

Each building has its own Building Manager who is responsible for ensuring that Guests and Residents comply with Body Corporate rules. All guests and their visitors must comply with directions issued by the Resident Manager relating to these rules.

No Parties on the premises

We have a “zero tolerance” policy on parties being held in the apartments. On our registration card, you have agreed to the following:

  • Not to cause excessive noise or nuisance to affect other residents in any area of the complex
  • To allow only the registered guest plus up to 4 other guests into the building complex & apartment at any time
  • Any additional cleaning charges over and above the standard cleaning service to be charged to my account
  • If I have a function or party without written approval, I agree to pay $1000 function fee in addition to any damage or cleaning costs
  • Any costs for damage, or breakage or loss from the apartment to be charged to my account at a later date
  • Money, jewellery and all other valuables left in the apartment or car are totally my responsibility
  • That my liability for the account is not waived and agree to be held responsible in the event that the indicated persons, company or association fails to pay for any part of the invoiced charges during my stay

Additional actions that may result in Eviction:

We reserve the right to immediately evict any guest or visitor for the following:

  • intoxication and/or unsavoury behaviour
  • throwing of objects over the balconies
  • spitting over the balcony
  • wilful damage to property
  • physical or verbal assault/abuse to staff, other guests, apartment residents, or members of the public
  • any behaviour deemed as a potential safety threat to others
  • any breach of the alcohol or party policies
  • any incident for which the police are required to attend

Consequences of Eviction:

In the event that an eviction of any nature occurs, the registered guest or their associates will not be able to make future reservations at Docklands Private Collection of Apartments. Should the guest fail to adhere to this request to leave premises; Police will be called which may result in further action being taken against the person/s in question.

Please read this document upon arrival. It contains vital information regarding facilities, usage, guest behaviour and security.